Power of Partnerships

Quality pre and post-sale services to enrich your business

Apart from being a one-stop distributor on full-range HPE products, we also pride ourselves in our team of over 50 pre- and post-sales engineers. While technology is the tool, it’s our people who make the difference. Whether you’re just starting out in your business or part of a large enterprise, rest assured that our value-added services are just a click away.

Beyond that, our experts are ready to provide you with extensive knowledge in HPE’s ICT offerings. From technical sales to engineering and even to product marketing, let us empower your workforce with the right industry insights to bring your business to a whole new level.

HPE: A quick glance of our trusted partner

See why we’re proud to be an official partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

US Market Share leader for servers, storage, mission-critical systems and Pointnext

$1+ Billion in US-based HPE revenue for 7 years

200+ HPE Resources

Who is VSTECS?

Get to know us with an overview of our credentials and profile

  • Established in Malaysia since 1985
  • Listed in KL Stock Exchange since 2010
  • 80,000sqft office
  • Fully-integrated logistic warehouse operations
  • 350+ staff workforce
  • 6 locations within East and West Malaysia
  • Experts in IT services, Enterprise Systems and IT Distribution
  • One-stop distributor on full-range HPE products
  • Wide variety of demo and Point-of-Care equipment
  • Over 50 pre- and post-sales engineers
  • Facilities for events and trainings
  • Warehouse for staging and installation
  • Partner-focused initiatives (e.g. rewards, trainings)

The Power of VSTECS x HPE

Together with HPE, we offer these value-added services which you can look forward to utilizing in your business

Technical Sales training

From building relationships to conducting Point of Care demonstrations, understanding sales cycles to learning how to communicate better, we have the expertise to share these to your staff as they begin their sales journey.

Product Marketing training

Everyone needs a little bit of help with marketing. Learn from our experts on how to develop solutions, provide competitive analyses, and even create your own marketing collateral.

Engineering training

Once your sales staff secures a deal, you’ll need to empower them with the right technical expertise to implement your IT solutions seamlessly. From installing, troubleshooting and advisory services, your staff will be able to learn from our engineers on how best to serve your customers in this area.

Fully-equipped with the right facilities

When it comes to trainings, don’t fuss over where to host it. Our office holds training centers with a wide variety of demonstration and Point-of-Care equipment for comprehensive, hands-on sessions. Even our warehouse makes a great place for staging and installation.  

Operation & Consulting service

From Project Management to performing health checks on your virtual environment, we’re able to provide you with the services to ensure that your operations run smoothly.

Deployment service

From installation and troubleshooting of servers, database, firewall and even your operating system, our team of engineers will be ready to assist with a variety of hardware and software deployment services.

Staging and Integration service

We’re able to test out any new systems through a variety of services, including client computing imaging and 3rd party product integration test.

Optimization service

When a system is up and running, we’re also able to assist with optimizing them so you’ll get the best return for your investment.

Maintenance Support service

And whenever necessary, we’re always just a call away. Be it for custom or preventive maintenance, we’ll be right at your service when you need us.